It is time to look beyond the charts, tables, graphs and reams of spreadsheets that is blocking your view, your vision. It is time to start examining why people are visiting your destination or purchasing your goods and services.

Strategic planning, research and consulting for your destination, association or company

Let’s strip away the cacophony, listen to the voices that matter and dissect those truths that make your product, your service, your destination great.

Tourism Skills Group listens to what consumers are candidly saying about your organization, take those kernels of truth and help you develop a long-range strategic plan, with easy-to-implement benchmarks of where your organization should be in one, three and five years.

Tourism Skills Group will always be true north. The good news is what we conduct is research with your most vital stakeholders and flesh out the issues. We provide the data and be the intellectual grist for the community, no where you are or where you reside. We provide added value by adding and multiplying, not dividing and subtracting.

It is time to call NYB Consulting/Tourism Skills Group.

Welcome to Tourism Skills Group

With more than a decade of travel and tourism and association research, communications, branding, marketing and strategic planning experience, we aid and assist your organization to achieve greatness.

We are a full-service destination development and marketing consultancy offering in-depth, specific solutions through research. We advise in every stage of the destination’s development, management and marketing process. With many years of experience working for DMOs, associations, hotels, events and services, we are able to tailor our services to your specific needs.

If you need a speaker for your next event, please contact us as we have more than twenty topics we can eloquently present. Affordable speakers with a slew of timely, indepth topics that speak to today’s audiences.